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Community Engagement

*Annual Parish Meeting 04 May 2021*

​HPC is holding its Annual Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting virtually this year. Everyone is welcome to join to hear about what HPC has achieved over the year, and to ask questions to our councillors. 

The Annual Meeting will start at 6:30pm, at this meeting HPC decides on the Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The Annual Parish Meeting will start at 7pm where the Chairman will present HPC's achievements and challenges over the past year.

Please check back to this page for the presentation and reports.



*Update 06 April 2021*

​We are all systems go on our speed reduction project after the council voted to move ahead with the project. At our next meeting on 13/04, we will be inviting the engineer to finalise sign requirements. 


*Update 12 February 2021 on Speed Reduction Measures*  

The Parish Council will be deciding in the 09 March meeting whether to go ahead with the proposed project. 

For a number of years, HPC has been trying to tackle the issue of speeding along the A343.

Over the past year, under the title of a Community Funded Initiative, we have collaborated with Hampshire County Council's transport division to implement speed reduction measures in Highclere.

As part of the budget for 2021/22 HPC has allocated spends of up to £15,000 to improve the speeding issues.

There are 4 locations along the A343 that have been highlighted by our HCC transport experts as appropriate for clearer and/or new signage. 

  • Each location has been identified as potential for improved speed awareness measures
  • The road structure and appropriateness of the proposals are recommended by a senior transport engineer
  • Highclere PC can choose which measures to implement

We are currently at the stage to approve the proposed design changes. Please see the two attachments below for the proposed design as well as the quote.

Do you have any concerns regarding the cost or the designs that have been that you'd like HPC to be aware of?

If so, please contact us via the Clerk


HPC is actively supporting the initiation of a highspeed fibre to premises rollout.

  • Hampshire is changing the current voucher scheme. It will end on 31 March and a new voucher scheme will replace this in April 2021. The good news is that because Highclere PC has already contacted Openreach, and due to our postcode, we will still qualify for the new vouchers (the info is TBC).
  • Due to the enormous response, Openreach is yet to provide HPC with an outline cost.


  • Next Steps:
  • Please keep an eye on the news page (don't forget you can 'Sign up to our Email Alerts' - blue button on the right beneath the main menu)
  • Read our minutes for updates.
  • Read all about the Openreach Community Partnership
  • Send your information to our Chairman who can add it to the list of interested parties.


Interested in getting involved? Take a look at the attached flyer to find out ways in which you can contribute.