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Community Engagement


Neighbourhood Plan


In early September, a Community Survey document will be distributed to every house in the Parish to gain your views on work done by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG). This is an important exercise to gain your feedback as a basis for future work, and we are keen to get as much Parish participation as possible.

You may remember that on February 15th 2020 an Open Day was held to introduce Highclere to the meaning and benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP). It was meant to be a precursor to a continuing dialogue about the future of Planning in Highclere between the community and the NPSG. A draft Vision was presented along with some possible supporting Objectives and a very large volume of opinion was collected from residents who attended from across the Parish. 

Unfortunately, soon after almost all the planned follow-on engagements fell foul of the Covid-19 pandemic and had to be postponed indefinitely. The NPSG has, however, been able to continue some work despite the constraints, and have used the extensive feedback from the Open Day to align the draft Vision more closely with the views expressed then. We have also, on the same basis, developed the Objectives further and they are the subject of the forthcoming Community Survey and seek your approval of them. The response from the Parish will define the future direction of the NP.

How to respond

We are asking every occupant of your household who is 8 years old and over to complete the Survey because the Plan covers a period when even the youngest respondent will become adult.  So make sure you complete your age group and location as this helps us to analyse the survey data effectively.

You are free to make more paper copies for the rest of the household if that is what you choose. If you prefer to complete the survey online the link to the Survey Monkey version is  Whichever method you choose, please complete and return the Survey by Friday October 1st. Drop-off locations for paper surveys await you at the Red House, Penwood Stores and the Village Hall.

Please watch for more news and detail online at Nextdoor, in the Highclere Society newsletter, in the Parish mag and here on the Parish Council website. Please direct any suggestions for more community communication paths, and further questions about the Survey or the Neighbourhood Plan to Colin Wall at [email protected]

*UPDATE 27 JULY 2021*


Highclere Parish Council has been informed of a proposed development on the edge of the Parish, in Wash Water, please see below for details of this proposal. Please keep checking back to this page for more information, or keep in touch by signing up to receive updates from our homepage.


We are very fortunate to have two project leaders to take this forward. They have just been informed that there is already a scheme initiated by Openreach to provide FTTP from the Mount Road exchange. The current joint project with East Woodhay is on hold until we find out which houses are already included in this separate scheme. Once we know this, we can continue to push for those houses not included, to be included in a separate scheme.



*Update 06 April 2021*

​We are all systems go on our speed reduction project after the council voted to move ahead with the project. At our next meeting on 13/04, we will be inviting the engineer to finalise sign requirements. 


*Update 12 February 2021 on Speed Reduction Measures*  

The Parish Council will be deciding in the 09 March meeting whether to go ahead with the proposed project. 

For a number of years, HPC has been trying to tackle the issue of speeding along the A343.

Over the past year, under the title of a Community Funded Initiative, we have collaborated with Hampshire County Council's transport division to implement speed reduction measures in Highclere.

As part of the budget for 2021/22 HPC has allocated spends of up to £15,000 to improve the speeding issues.

There are 4 locations along the A343 that have been highlighted by our HCC transport experts as appropriate for clearer and/or new signage. 

  • Each location has been identified as potential for improved speed awareness measures
  • The road structure and appropriateness of the proposals are recommended by a senior transport engineer
  • Highclere PC can choose which measures to implement

We are currently at the stage to approve the proposed design changes. Please see the two attachments below for the proposed design as well as the quote.

Do you have any concerns regarding the cost or the designs that have been that you'd like HPC to be aware of?

If so, please contact us via the Clerk

*Update 12 February 2021*


HPC is actively supporting the initiation of a highspeed fibre to premises rollout.

  • Hampshire is changing the current voucher scheme. It will end on 31 March and a new voucher scheme will replace this in April 2021. The good news is that because Highclere PC has already contacted Openreach, and due to our postcode, we will still qualify for the new vouchers (the info is TBC).
  • Due to the enormous response, Openreach is yet to provide HPC with an outline cost.


  • Next Steps:
  • Please keep an eye on the news page (don't forget you can 'Sign up to our Email Alerts' - blue button on the right beneath the main menu)
  • Read our minutes for updates.
  • Read all about the Openreach Community Partnership
  • Send your information to our Chairman who can add it to the list of interested parties.


Interested in getting involved?

Get Involved : Get Informed - The What, How, Why and Who of Parish & Town Councils.

Take a look at the pdf flyer (below) to find out ways in which you can contribute within our community.