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Neighbourhood Plan

*September 2021 Update*


In early September, a Community Survey document will be distributed to every house in the Parish to gain your views on work done by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG). This is an important exercise to gain your feedback as a basis for future work, and we are keen to get as much Parish participation as possible.

You may remember that on February 15th 2020 an Open Day was held to introduce Highclere to the meaning and benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan (NP). It was meant to be a precursor to a continuing dialogue about the future of Planning in Highclere between the community and the NPSG. A draft Vision was presented along with some possible supporting Objectives and a very large volume of opinion was collected from residents who attended from across the Parish. 

Unfortunately, soon after almost all the planned follow-on engagements fell foul of the Covid-19 pandemic and had to be postponed indefinitely. The NPSG has, however, been able to continue some work despite the constraints, and have used the extensive feedback from the Open Day to align the draft Vision more closely with the views expressed then. We have also, on the same basis, developed the Objectives further and they are the subject of the forthcoming Community Survey and seek your approval of them. The response from the Parish will define the future direction of the NP.

How to respond

We are asking every occupant of your household who is 8 years old and over to complete the Survey because the Plan covers a period when even the youngest respondent will become adult.  So make sure you complete your age group and location as this helps us to analyse the survey data effectively.

You are free to make more paper copies for the rest of the household if that is what you choose. If you prefer to complete the survey online the link to the Survey Monkey version is  Whichever method you choose, please complete and return the Survey by Friday October 1st. Drop-off locations for paper surveys await you at the Red House, Penwood Stores and the Village Hall.

Please watch for more news and detail online at Nextdoor, in the Highclere Society newsletter, in the Parish mag and here on the Parish Council website. Please direct any suggestions for more community communication paths, and further questions about the Survey or the Neighbourhood Plan to Colin Wall at [email protected]


On 15th February 2020, the NP Steering Group Organised an Information Day. Attached below is the article sent to the Newbury Weekly News, as well as a copy of the slides and the feedback.