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What is a Trim Trail?

A Trim Trail is a great way to exercise outdoors.

Where is your local Trim Trail?

There is a 2.8km way marked route around Little Pen Wood. It is a Run England 3-2-1 Route. There are route markers placed strategically around the route directing users the correct way.  

Anyone can access the route and it’s a great way of providing a meaningful challenge to help more people to get running when it best suits them. As a 3-2-1 route, it will also be advertised on the Run England website. 

Trim trails are made up of simple pieces of exercise equipment placed around parks/open spaces, and are free to use. 

The equipment can be used to do various exercises that can develop balance, strength and coordination. They are a great way to make a run more interesting and work a few more muscles. You can even go along with friends or family for a fun workout in the fresh air. In order to tie in with the Woodland Management Plan, all of the equipment has been selected from the timber adventure range.

Use of the trim trail and the equipment is always done at the participants own risk. The signage clearly informs users of this and advises to be mindful of the conditions of the woodland (falling deadwood, tree stumps, slippery leaves etc.) All of the equipment installed meets the necessary standards. Regular inspections will be carried out and any issues should be reported to Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.  Please respect the woodland and wildlife. (Parking available on the old Penwood Village Hall car park, signs from Foxs Lane).

Please use the litter bin provided or take your litter home.  Highclere Parish Council

A map of the Trim Trail A map of the Trim Trail
Way markers direct your route around the Trim Trail Way markers direct your route around the Trim Trail
The background to the Trim Trail The background to the Trim Trail