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DEFRA Hampshire ELMS Convenor Test and Trials project

Dear Parish Clerk,

Hampshire County Council is supporting the DEFRA Hampshire ELMS Convenor Test and Trials project. We are contacting you with a request forward the attached information to your council members, and any farmers and landowners in your Parish with the following message:

We are seeking participants in an imminent consultation for the DEFRA Hampshire ELMS Convenor Test and Trials project. An invitation letter and sample of work in progress on the new interactive tool we wish to trial are attached. The report is for ‘NCA 130’ to demonstrate an example of the reports that will be rolled out across the whole of Hampshire. We will need farmers and landowners for the Test and Trial across all areas and not just the Hampshire Downs example. This is a timely opportunity for the farming community to assist in this important endeavour, and we very much hope you might agree to participate. Please note the deadline of 8th March to register your interest.

Please do not reply to this email. For more information or to register your interest, please contact


With regards,


Lisa Wood

Rural ProgrammeHampshire County Council

Download PDF • 4.11MB


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